Mystery Shoppers

Because of the complexity of many of our projects, and the writing and confidentiality requirements, we engage only the most qualified shoppers. In order to participate you must have a computer and ready access to the Internet. Many assignments require online training, and some require the use of an audio or video recorder.

Many of our clients are hospitals, although we also are engaged by clinics, medical offices, outpatient facilities and assisted living and retirement communities. Our healthcare mystery shoppers become actual patients — ER patients, outpatients and, occasionally, inpatients. This may mean undergoing some tests.

You will be compensated very well for our assignments, but our standards are high. Wherever possible, we seek long-term relationships with the people we engage. Many of the mystery shoppers with whom we have worked over the years have been assigned multiple times, especially if they are available to travel.

If you would like to be considered for an assignment in the future, please click here. You will not receive a log-in name or password after you apply. If there is an appropriate assignment, either we will contact you or our recruitment arm, Coast to Coast Scheduling Services will contact you.

Thank you.

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