Devon Hill Associates provides medical mystery shopping services

Medical Mystery Shopping

Unlocking the Patient Experience

Medical Mystery Shopping Services provide detailed, insightful feedback about access, service, systems and communication during calls and visits to your facilities.

Why Use Medical Mystery Shopping?

Based on telephone calls and patient visits to medical offices, clinics, health centers and HMOs, qualified, trained Medical Mystery Shoppers offer detailed insight into patients’ expectations and perceptions of their care. Even a small group of detailed medical mystery shopper reports are useful for assessing performance against standards and unlocking barriers to good service that may be unsuspected by management or unnoticed by staff.

Your report regarding the areas identified for this project was not only thorough and comprehensive, but provided us with a level of detail that will enable management to make important changes … Ours was a complex project and yet your firm was able to overcome most of the obstacles and meet the deadline for the final report.

– JPS Health Network  •  Fort Worth, TX

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