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Is there a ‘mystery shopper’ in your ED: Mystery shoppers can uncover ED weaknesses. ‘Patients’ present unannounced, report findings.

ED Management. By Steve Lewis

Add a little ‘mystery’ to the interview process. Uncover candidate interview pitfalls and achieve a positive reputation for your organization.

Nursing Homes. By Barbara Gerber

Paving the Way to Superior Performance

Assisted Living Today. By Barbara Gerber

Make Customer Service Your Business

Assisted Living Today. By Barbara Gerber

Mystery Shopping Captures Missed Opportunities

COR Healthcare Market Strategist. By Karen Southwick

The Goods on Three Spies

Hospitals and Healthcare Networks. By Charles Downey

What Mystery Shopping Can Do For You

Trustee. By Sondra Bazrod

The Empowered Consumer

Healthcare Forum Journal. By David O. Weber

Taking the Mystery Out of Mystery Shopping

Group Practice Journal. By Barbara Gerber

“Price Check: The Mystery of Hospital Pricing” A 5 month Study for the California HealthCare Foundation

A brief summary of a report released by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) indicates that more needs to be done to help people who shop for pricing and financial assistance information at California hospitals. During the 5-month study conducted by Devon Hill Associates, a total of 622 calls and visits to 64 hospitals were made by mystery shoppers posing as uninsured patients requesting pricing information for elective procedures.

By Barbara Gerber

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